Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another Flash Fiction Friday (unofficially) ...January 20th, 2012

Once some women reach a certain age, they make the mistake of shying away from the years as they pass.   Never facing or saying the truth of it.  Letting society and certain misguided beauty standards  of youth convince them to muffle the truth of it.
Others, like myself, realized long ago, that they are just numbers.  It is not the numbers that really matter, it is simply the life you live and how you live it even as the numbers change.  I face each number gladly because it means one more year on this earth…one more year passing that I will always look back for the good things that happened and leave the bad behind.  Allowing me to look ahead at the great things to come….So each year that I add, I shout that number in joy!  I hope I can still shout it at a 100!
I am not adding this to the official Flash Fiction Friday page because I have doubled the word count and can't seem to figure out a way to reduce it…lolol...but I wanted my fellow writers and others to see it….I hope my friends won’t mind and give me a little leg room (hehehehe!) and just consider it a birthday present to let me get away with this…lolol….since it truly is MY 52nd birthday!

I hope you enjoy my offering  and celebrate with me!  If you find this, since it is not linked, make sure to visit the link below to find the words of  my wonderful friends and their "official" flash fiction for the week......

Adding Another Year...A Little Sideways!

I have to say it, I just have to!
It is just after midnight. Sitting on the stool, facing the mirror, wearing only my black thigh-high stockings and nothing else. My large, rose colored nipples still hard as buttons, my eyes bright and awake, aware, despite the mind blowing fuck I had just experienced. I laughed as I looked at myself in the mirror, ‘cause I knew that inside me, nothing had changed. 
Suddenly, I felt him behind me.  Licking my full  red swollen lips, I started to say the words…..
"Today is..." The rest was swiftly cut off as his beautiful hand covered my mouth. 
Laughing against his fingers, I let my tongue tickle his palm and swipe in between a few of those fingers until he released me.  Turning me on the stool to face him, he kneeled between my silken, still wet thighs and pulled me close to his chest.
“Go ahead, say it, I know you have to”.  He said as he flashed that devilish smile at me. 
“Today is my birthday, I’m 52.”  I blurted it out.  
 “Does it bother you, my love?"  I asked him as I arched one of my dark eyebrows at him inquiringly.
“Sweety, 52 or 502, it doesn’t matter.” He looked down between us at his still hard, thick cock…then looked back up at me, cocked his head to the side and grinned back at me. 
“I would still want to fuck you...sideways." He responded, his voice deep and sexy.
Grinning wickedly at him,  I giggled as I pushed him back down on the floor in front of the stool, hoping for my first real birthday present of the day.
“Prove it…sideways!”  I gasped as he quickly turned me to my side, hiking one of my black clad legs behind his hip and thrust that deliciously hard, thick swollen cock as deep as he could inside my wet pussy.
Moaning deep and low at the fullness of him inside me, almost passing out as the hot waves of passion began to take me over,   I thought....
What is the age of my mentality?  52 or 25? 
Does it really matter to a woman with a man such as this between her thighs ….sideways????  LOLOLOL.
I don't think so....hell, I am not thinking about those numbers at all at that point...would you be?

© S.E. Darling, Jan 2012

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Each writer unique and tantalizing...and each one knows well how to fit the fantasy of desire within those 100 words....


  1. I loved this!!! I'm so glad you posted it. it was very, very sexy. Happy Birthday, Beautiful!

  2. Wow your birthday is so close to mine! happy Birthday, and no it matters not one jot!

  3. Happy Birthday! And please tell me this is exactly how you are celebrating it! :D

  4. Happy B-day!! Great post! I really liked this. :)

  5. Happy Birthday! If this is the way you're celebrating, I'm surprised you were able to catch your breath long enough to write about it. ;)

  6. As well you might expect...I loved this piece. You are as talented as ever: upside down, rightside up or sideways. What a huge thick candle to blow out on your Birthday. Happy Birthday my sweet friend.

  7. Thank you everyone, for going easy on me for the word count. When I wrote this last week, I just couldn't figure out how to shorten Muffy, you wild woman you...don't think I didn't notice that thick "candle" you sent me on my As for what actually happened...well lets just say its gonna be a belated birthday blow out...I will let you know next week...!lololol