Thursday, March 22, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - March 23rd, 2012 - A Gift of Love Together

What is life without love and passion?   

As an erotic writer, I have come to appreciate the simplicity of both, either together or separately. 
If we are lucky, we find that one person who knows us and that relationship combines both love and passion.  If we work at it hard enough, we manage to hold onto that person through all the bumps and grinds that life has to offer.
Yet, as a woman, who has known both, I know that sometimes we do not always recognize important milestones or moments in our lives.  Sometimes, stubbornness makes us forget that it is our moment to give.
Love is never equal.   Life never stays still.  As a individual you have to make choices that are not always easy and/or not always unselfish.    You must have passion for life as well as a passion for each other. Once again, if you are lucky,  you will both recognize that there are moments when it is your turn to give the other that choice and chance to grow…your turn to change your life to meet their needs.  To give up your own path,  rather than turn or pull away and be apart.   

Is it a sacrifice? The alternative would be to sacrifice the beauty of the two of you as one.

For really, what is life without that love or passion?  
One photo, one hundred words or less.   Life,  passion, longing, desire, and sometimes, simply love and holding onto all of it for the sake of you together....
Join me for a brief moment and let love overwhelm you….as always, I welcome your comments.  When you finish, take time to follow the link below and read some of the offerings of my wonderful friends and their talented interpretation of this photo.

A Gift of Love Together….

With sadness, Peter knew he had to make this change to remain whole, and Finn had chosen not to leave with him.
One last goodbye kiss.    
From the first delicious taste, their bodies sank to the ground, clinging to each other.   His soul breaking, Peter almost gave in.   As they drew apart, Finn's hand came to rest against Peter's heart.
"This is mine, and mine is yours, forever".   Finn stated forcefully.  You're not going anywhere without ME".
Peter closed his eyes and shouted his relief and joy at the sacrifice he had just been given, love simply overwhelming him….  

© S.E. Darling, Mar 2012

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Each writer unique and tantalizing...and each one knows well how to fit the fantasy of desire within those 100 words


  1. Your talent as a writer generally always amaze and flood me with such respect for you and your pieces. You never fail to impress and touch me. This is no different. I LOVED this touching exchange between true lovers. Outta the park, again:) xo

  2. A wonderful interpretation. I could feel the passion as the final kiss was savoured. Great flasher.

  3. fresh, a breath of fresh
    I felt the power of their shared passion AND love
    great flash!!

  4. Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments. For me, this photo spoke of romance, rather than full out erotica.

  5. Aw. This was such an emotional post. I'm so glad he got his happy ending. :)

  6. Wonderful- so glad that things will work out for them. Great post!

  7. Oh wow! Great FFF! Loved it!

  8. Some things wind up with the HEA and this is one of them. Excellent FFF!

  9. Wow, nicely done. I felt the emotion there


  10. This was beautiful and flowed so smoothly. Wonderful post.