Friday, March 30, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - March 30th, 2012 - No Boundaries...

Sex, love…. Lust, love…Ego, love…Trust, love….
For some, commitment means being faithful.  Cleaving only to each other, never straying.
For others, being faithful, simply means loving, trusting in that love,  and putting ego and jealousy aside to explore pleasure and desire.
If you are open to exploration, that is necessary.
If you are able to do so, there are no boundaries to the pleasure you will experience in sharing:  your love, your bodies, and your pleasure.
The photo below is almost carnal in pleasure, but if you look deeper, within the woman and yourself, it could be simply her pleasure in sharing pleasure.....
I hope you enjoy this one...I did.  I welcome your comments on this and hope you will check out my fellow FFF writers and their interpretation of this photo by clicking on the link below.

 No Boundaries....

Her excitement escalated as her husband sat across the room, watching her pleasure. 
His hand slowly caressed his own hard cock, his thumb circling the broad head of it, leaving that first drop of cum untouched.   
She lost her breath as he rose up and knelt in front of her, his face taunt.
Cupping her hands around his thighs,  her long soft tongue slowly laved at that one drop of cum.   Her husband groaned and drove deeply within her throat,  as her new lover reached down and softly caressed her clit with his fingers….. Her world exploded.
No boundaries……Ever!

© S.E. Darling, Mar 2012

Make sure to check out the wonderful interpretations of my fellow authors by following the link below.

Each writer unique and tantalizing...and each one knows well how to fit the fantasy of desire within those 100 words


  1. No boundaries indeed. Mmm... so very much right up my alley. Loved it. Isn't there something sexy about him taking control?

  2. Hot Flash Sancre :) Well written and sexy, as usual

  3. Very rich and decadent, Sancre!! Hot and enticing!!

  4. Didn't see that one coming. Very raw and intense.

  5. I love what you did with this picture. Lovely job.

  6. Great job. Very erotic scene! Loved it!

  7. nice! An open relationship such as this depicts truly does show a depth of trust and love that many can't even imagine.

  8. Oh, God, Sancre........again, you have driven me quite over the edge. I agree with Cassandra, it is simply hypnotic how he takes control. Love the first drop of cum untouched. Can't say I'd have done the same. Really, as usual, a fluid, sexy, erotic write. Supurb!:) xo

  9. All relationships are different - what works for one may not work for another - but when you can find a husband and you both can sync together in ways unimaginable - yeah, this was hot!

  10. a captivating husband and a new lover, oh man, now there is a lucky lady :)

  11. Lucky, lucky girl! Great FFF!

  12. thank you everyone, I was actually waffling between making the spectator her lesbian lover....lololol. Either way, I think it worked.