Monday, April 30, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday-May 1st, 2012- A Hot LashIng of Love

I have graduated and been given an award, 100 more words to express the most erotic moments in the life of a photo.

My first Tantalizing Tuesday photo is a borrow from a fellow author.   I can't remember which one, but it's one of the hottest gif's I have ever seen.   That last look, as he gazes into the woman's face,  is just full of every know he is an expert at this and will stay the course 'til the end.  In 200 words, no more.

As always, I welcome any and all comments below.  This is my first Tuesday and it was written on the sly at the last moment.  Go easy on me or I will send this one to you in your dreams....mahahahahaha! 

This one is dedicated to a new friend of mine who had just a crappy Monday!  Honey, put your head on the pillow, let it all go, and just dream about this! 



Another crappy Monday ended.    
Entering the house,  she threw her things down and quickly made her way to the bathroom.  A tub full of steamy water easing the stress of the day.   Rising,  she made her way to bed, her dripping body falling within it’s softness.
The clock chimed midnight as Tuesday and the slow drift of sleep began.  Then she felt him.   She turned over and saw his ghostly presence taking form.  His hair dark, naked body already hard, he leaned over her, resting his arms alongside her hips.
 "Let me help you end this day, my love, and begin another?" he asked softly, gazing into her eyes.
She knew what he was asking.  If she let him, she would lose a day.  Tuesday would be a blur of loving, and she a slave to his every desire.  There was no hesitation as she nodded.
His hands reached out, stroking her thighs and curving around her buttocks, as he lifted her body to the edge. 
Kneeling,  his dark bearded face descended between her legs.  Taking one long slow lick against the hard bud of her desire, his tongue and the heat of white lightening struck within her as hot Tuesday began……..


  1. Wow, the video clip and story were very teasing. Another cigarette needed thank you. :)

  2. Wow, that was something else! I am all of a dither now. Great teaser honey, I can feel every touch of his tongue!

  3. Give me an ICE bath, now!! I had a bad Monday too, Sancre ***blushing***. Wonderful, as always. "Bathtime" will now hold new meaning to us all!:) xo

  4. Mmm - yes I can feel the desire and the shared passion in a way few people do... loved it

  5. Oh Sancre, Gawd Sweetie - you do indeed have a love affair with the tongue. As much as I love to give oral, this TT post was a nice wake-up call for me.

    What's kinda funny, I used to have a FWB and Tuesdays were our day to do it all day. We'd both fake some excuse to be off work and we'd spend all day Tuesday in bed. Ah, the memories.

  6. Is it wrong that I just wanted to watch the video Sancre? Hot, fucking, damn!

    Your flash was interesting and hot as well. Is the man an incubus? I've only had a few sips of coffee and my brain isn't fully functional yet :D

  7. You've raised so many questions! Does he only come to her on Monday nights? Is he a dream she conjures? Will he take all of her life eventually? Very hot and intriguing tease. :)

  8. Well it took me forever to read as l just watched, over and over, what a hot clip, mmm! Oh yes, the story was excellent too!

  9. oh very well done! Great post- love the exchange of days!

  10. I need a cold shower. Hot, hot, hot! Loved it. I would love to read more.

  11. I have a feeling she isn't missing anything when she loses her Tuesday...hehe Hot and the pic...darn! :)

  12. Hmmmm...a love slave to a sensuous ghost...yes! Hot teaser!! I've seen that clip around too and it has a mesmerizing effect. I think I lost a day or so myself staring at it. lol