Thursday, December 15, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday....December 16th, 2011  

I'm Hitting My Stride...

Friday's are for Fantasy.  The weekend is ahead and for many of us, that means play.  The work week was hard, our bodies may be tired, but our souls and desires are ready to let photo, each week, 100 words, a challenge for any writer.   Here is my offering for the week of December 16, 2011.   I welcome any and all comments....please take the time to let me know what you think.



                                  The Request of Desire

What seemed like hours, waiting for David’s answer. 
The absolute sexual immersion of their souls last night.  Zach could not look at David lounging against that wall,  without needing to feel his hard cock driving deeply within David’s body.  Yearning to feel that ecstasy time and again. 
Zach knew he would never find another for whom he felt such passion,  and knew what he had asked of David was waging a war within.   For David had only known one path.
Risking everything by making this one request......
The request that would change his life.......forever......                  


© S.E. Darling, Dec 2011

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Each writer unique and tantalizing...and each one knows well how to fit the fantasy of desire within those 100 words....


  1. Ooh, I HAVE to know what the request is. Come on, just a hint? Nice, Sancre. And what a lovely intro. :)

  2. Very moving Sancre. I can imagine how torn he must be now tha they've taken that step.

  3. Luna, aaaah...but that is the point. Every fantasy requires that you participate...What was the request? You tell

  4. Great post, seductive and intriguing! Well done! I called one of the characters David too!

  5. Mmm, that was enticing. The image painted by your words brought out a shudder. Very good stuff.

  6. Hmmm, sexy and seductive! I don't know what the request is, but I certainly hope it will be granted!!
    great post

  7. great post! yeah I want to know what this life altering choice is!

  8. Great FFF and cliffhanger!

  9. I'm a sucker for a peek at the moment when a character finds his or her 'One'. Nice job ;-)

  10. What that is descriptive and emotional. Nicely done!

  11. Decisions, decisions. I think Zach may need to give David another sampling of cock to help him cum up with an answer. Oh wow, this is a sizzler. Loved it.

  12. Wow -- I need to know what the request is . . .