Friday, December 9, 2011

I Participating in Flash Fiction Friday...My First Attempt!

Trapped Within
By S. E. Darling

A spotlight; so white, bright, and cold…… 
Her frozen features, a canvas for the dress.  Yet the light reveals the lovely lines of her neck and shoulders.  Now the dress becomes the canvas instead. 
That brief moment...captures a woman trapped within.  The light or herself?
What happens in the next moment?
Does she laugh, cry, or shout with passion?  Or is she an eternal prisoner?  What releases her? The thought of a lover caressing her?  Or simply freedom to express the passion of her soul? 
To our eyes, she’s held captive, forever. 
By a spotlight; so white, bright and cold…….


  1. Frozen: contemplating a next move, breath, thought. A heartbeat suspend in time with the future undetermined. I loved this, Sancre, just loved it. You are off to a great start in our little group. I only hope I can keep up to the standard you are setting:) xo

  2. That was moving, a lovely poem. I read everything out loud so it sounded absolutely beautiful as spoken words. Great post!

  3. Welcome Sancre so ramantic and moving post, hope you will rise above the skies as you have the blessings of Guru like Muffy Ji . Keep it upSweet ,All my best wishes and greetins

  4. That was very thought provoking and so well done. Thank for a glimpse into her life.

  5. very accurate take on how we see those famous faces in magazines, television, movies, etc. Do we ever consider they are a real person under the facade? nicely done

  6. I love how you start and end the whole flash with the light. This was a very well written FFF. You captivated me with it. Well done! I'm glad you're with us!

  7. Very nice, this is an interesting perspective on the photo. It speaks to the symbolic and the ethereal aspects of the photo - her frozen expression and the impression of being trapped. You have done an excellent job of giving the reader much to think about. Well done, this is a terrific first FFF.

  8. You did a beautiful job on this post. Very well done.

  9. Everyone, thank you very much for stopping by and reading my first attempt. I don't care what anyone else says, it's damn hard and a major challenge to do just 100 words and make it Especially when you are as verbose I am..(grin). But seriously, thanks for making me feel so welcome and all the great comments.